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From the giant 19 story cross in Groom, TX to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum in Williamstown, KY - faith inspires travel to places we would never think of visiting.  Happy Travels is one of the few travel agencies that specializes in faith based travel.  

Last year my husband and I visited the Ark Encounter as the life size Noah's Ark was on our bucket list for a few years since it opened in July 2016.  If you thought the story of Noah and his ark was difficult to believe, it wouldn't be all that hard to believe after a trip to the Ark Encounter.  I believed in Noah and his ark prior to our visit in early 2022, but I was finally able to visualize the things I couldn't before.  

Ken Ham did a wonderful job explaining and showing how all the animals not only fit on the ship, but how they were cared for.  It was an amazing experience that would satisfy the most spiritual among us, and I feel blessed to have visited the Ark Encounter.  

If you're looking for a spiritual adventure, I have many suggestions for those who are seeking faith based trips.  

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To the left is an illustration showing how all the animals on the ark were fed and watered.  I had always wondered how all the animals were fed and watered, but everything you see at the Ark Encounter that explains how the animals were cared for made perfect sense, just like perfect reasoning makes sense.  I hope to return to the Ark Encounter again with family, and groups of Christians from churches and Christian schools.

There is already enough to do at the both the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum for 5 days with all the activities and zoos.  A visit to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum would be the perfect senior class trip for Christian schools.  It is my hopes to create such trips in the future.

To the right is the wooden staircase inside the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, NM.  I grew up with my parents taking me there and have always found it a spiritual place to visit.  I was blessed to share the staircase with my husband years ago.  He enjoyed seeing it and found it to be a spiritual experience, as well as a remarkable and beautiful spiraling wooden staircase.  

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