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If you've ever been part of a group trip or vacation, you know how fun they can be.  Group trips offer discounts and incentives.

Discounts and incentives are often attractive to travelers.  Groups don't require that everyone booked in the group knows each other.  People booked in a group are not required to eat meals together or hang out with each other, but being part of a group does make it easier to make friends and mingle, even if you don't know anyone in the group.  Some groups are made for the sole purpose of saving members of the group money, and offering incentives.  Other groups are comprised of family and/or friends or both.  Sometimes you see companies taking group trips with their employees.  Whatever the reason for the group, all groups offer discounts and incentives once the minimum requirements are met.  Group travel is often the least expensive way to travel.  Discounts vary depending on the group, and the agent booking the group.  Most cruise lines require a minimum of 8 cabins for a group, and once the 8th cabin requirement is satisfied, the 9th cabin is free.  There are several ways to turn this into a discount for everyone, but it depends on the cruise line.  The options can be discussed with the agent making the booking.

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