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Ski trips are one of my favorite niche specialities.  I was born in Utah, and I love the snow.  My childhood home where I grew up in Orem was only 13 miles to the Sundance Ski Resort. I learned to ski when I was 8 years old.  

Mountains covered in snow are a beautiful sight to my family and I.  Our oldest daughter snowboards, and she's pretty good as she's been doing it for over a decade.  My husband and our youngest daughter ski.  A lot of our friends ski as well.  I have experience planning all kinds of ski trips from couples to groups.

I've skied at numerous ski resorts in several states, California to New Mexico to Utah.  I've been to dozens of ski resorts over the years.  My favorite resorts are Mammoth due to the sheer size of the mountain and the amount of runs, Park City because it's such a fun all around resort with so much to offer, and my hometown ski resort for nostalgia reasons.  

Snow is different in every state.  Being used to the soft billowing powder growing up in Utah made it hard for me to enjoy skiing in California at first due to the cement like snow.  The snow in Colorado is also nice, but the snow in Flagstaff is more like the cement style snow in California.  

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