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Happy Travels has more niche agencies than most travel agencies.  Our niche specialities are not just from an education and training standpoint, but from real life in person experience.  For example: I am a Hawaii Vacation Specialist with education, training and real life experience visiting Hawaii.  I have real, personal experience with all niche specialities that Happy Travels specializes in.  Some of my niche specialities are common, while others are rare.  Ballooning, also known as hot air ballooning is a rare niche speciality that I claim from 3 years of ballooning experience.  I have several subpages listed niche specialities for you to explore.  Niche speciality pages include: Atlantis Bahamas, Aulani Resort, Ballooning, Camping, Cruises, Disney, Faith Based Trips, Group Trips and Ski Trips.  I will be adding more niche speciality subpages as I build, create and develop this website.  All the pictures I use creating this website are mine.  They are of my family, friends and personal experiences, not generic media used as website filler.  Happy Travels website is authentic, genuine and unique.  Even the Happy Travels logo is original artwork I designed with a copyright certificate you're welcome to view below.  Happy Travels doesn't believe in generic.

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